What is Qina?

What is Qina?

Qina is an immunomodulator that is effective equally, for either immune compromised or autoimmune disorders. A medicine ahead of it's time, it is classified as an Electro Medicine. It is not a herbal supplement and has no nutritional value. It functions at a molecular level redefining the electrical interactions and communication between cells by focusing on one of the key components of the immune system - the Macrophage. Activation and regulation of this cell facilitates the imbalances that have occurred and in turn provides optimum health and quality of life.

What is an electro medicine?

An electro medicine utilizes electrical properties to effect change on organisms at a molecular level. For decades electro medical devices have been built, with few having exceptional results, but this technology has been restricted to electrical equipment that works externally. Qina on the other hand is taken orally and works internally.

What is an Immune Modulator?

To modulate means to adapt or adjust. If you are immune compromised this means your immune system has become weak and ineffective. Qina will then up-regulate your immune response.If however you have an autoimmune disease, Qina will then down-regulate the immune response. Qina modulates it does not "boost" nor does it "restrict" immune function. By activating the Macrophage, this cell determines the best course of action to take.

Why is a clinical evaluation important?

Clinical studies provide information that is crucial. For example: Does it work? Is it safe? and how does it interact?
Clinical evaluation is rarely ever found to be done on natural products, primarily because they cannot be patented and the huge cost cannot be recovered. This is not true for Qina! The vigorous clinical testing that has been undertaken, provides peace of mind to the patient that a definitive outcome is guaranteed.

Questions & Answers?

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What is the immune system?

The immune system is your own personal pharmacy or drug store. When working effectively it identifies and destroys pathogens in various forms, using a highly complex system. In addition it also facilitates the clean up operation of debris in the blood stream.

Nutrition & Immune Boosting?

Qina is proven to activate the immune system within 24 hours, whereas good nutrition and supplements have never done so. Nutritional components act in a SUPPORTIVE role and by being present in the blood stream are dependant on many factors whether they are utilized or not.

Why should I purchase Qina?

Over the past 17 years Qina has helped thousands of people suffering from a myriad of diseases from all over the world. In most cases all hope had been given up. Their success ranged from an improved quality of life to total remission of their disease. The results cannot be guaranteed with everyone for every condition however the success rate has been extremely high.

In light of this, the detailed and in depth information provided on this site, is to help you make an educated decision. One never questions a doctor when he prescribes a medicine, this is due to an element of trust. But how many times has your prescription made you violently ill. It's not the doctors fault, he's just following scripting protocol issued by the pharmaceutical companies just as it would be foolish to trust every website you visit, many of which deceive the reader with machiavellian marketeering. We trust that you find our information candid, factual and sincere.

If you, or know someone that is suffering from a debilitating immune related ailment, you would be doing an injustice by ignoring what Qina has to offer.