Qina is a powerful immune modulator that has been clinically proven for the treatment of immune related disorders. Demonstrating its effectiveness either in immune compromised illnesses (as in Cancer & HIV) or autoimmune diseases like arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis and many other inflammatory related illnesses, Qina has provided benefits that have resulted in either a total reversal of the condition or affected an improvement to such a degree, that overall quality of life was attained.

The information provided has been written in both layman and technical terms so that you can fully appreciate the workings of this revolutionary approach in combating disease or to simply affect a proper functioning immune system.

As most diseases are immune related in one manner or another, either it is not working effectively to combat an illness or it is over compensating and perpetuating a life of pain and suffering, the Qina approach is to get to the very root of the problem by activating and modulating the relevant immune response cells, resulting in an overall healing effect.

Qina is a powerful immune modulator that has undergone clinical trials both in-vitro and in-vivo, proving that Qina is:

  • Non Toxic
  • Has no Side Effects
  • No drug Interactions
  • It works

  • A strong and healthy immune system is imperative for optimum health. Before vitamins and minerals, before anti-oxidants and enzymes, before tissue Ph and mitochondria, before any molecular component can play a role in facilitating human health, they are firstly reliant on electricity.

    The human body generates 3 volts of electricity. This energy is not only used by the brain to send signals or the heart to respond to stimuli but is used by every cell to communicate with each other in order to facilitate cellular changes. A drop in electrical activity is most noticeable in terminal patients that are "wasting away".

    On a molecular level, there is electrical communication between cells and the brain, before any other process can take place. It is at this level where Qina works.