What is Qina?

(Simple explanation)
Qina is a medication that utilzes the science of vibratory physics to stimulate the key cell of the immune sustem called a macrophage. It does not contain any nutritional or anti-oxidant component. Its primary function is immune modualtion via the electrical pathways that stimulate immune function. For reasons known and unknown Macrophages become sluggish either due to pathogenic invasion, infection, disease or a poor lifestyle. Qina is proven to increase Macrophage activity and volume within 24 hours.

(More Detail)
Utilizing the principles of electro and quantum physics, Qina is at the forefront of advanced medical technology, presenting a composite immune modulating medicine, with the absence of toxicity and/or collateral effects, that promotes an immune modulation through the modification of the biological response of the macrophage and of the physiologic liberation of cytoplasm. It encompasses sub molecular electro magnetic energy and frequency fields that form part and partial of uniquely structured semi-conducting molecular crystal. Utilizing the principles of molecular vibratory physics, Qina induces the organism to use its own resources, looking to mobilize natural defences of the weakened body.

How does it Work?

(Simple explanation)
Qina uses no chemicals in order to stimulate a cell but rather the respective electrical frequency that "resonates" with that cell. It is a known scientific fact that all cells including bacteria and viruses can be stimulated or neutralized by using a specific energy frequency. When we speak of energy we speak of frequency. Everything is frequency; sound is a frequency (or energy) that we can hear, light is another, however there is a vast array of frequencies that exist even though we can neither see nor hear them.

Let's for example say for example you are a lazy macrophage and I need to get you out of your house and back to work. Because other people are reliant on you for their existance (as you are the controller) they are just as lax because of your behaviour or lack therof. Now there are two ways I can get you out of the house (activated) one is by ringing the fire bell (an auditory sound that is a frequency energy) but to do that I need to start a fire and for that I need chemicals. So I mix fuel with wood and a spark and voila a fire is started, this triggers the fire alarm and you run out of the house. But I could skip the whole chemical process if I knew what the electrical frequency to use that starts the fire bell. This is what Qina does.

From a biological aspect the chemical that moves a macrophage into action is normally a pathogenic attack, but due to the sluggishness of the macrophages they are usually infected before they can act. Activated macrophages start to communicate with other cells of the immune system that in turn not only increase their function but are produced in the correct ratio to each other...a vital point.

(More Detail)
Proof that the above analogy is correct, clinical trials showed that within 24 hours, Qina acts on the main cells of the immune system, called macrophages, increasing and magnifying their functions. These cells are able to recognize any foreign element and then start to exchange information with other cells resulting in the increases in the number of T and B lymphocytes, as well as cytokines, which are key indicators of an improved immune system.

By promoting a regulating action of the immunological system, through the stimulation of the macrophage, this immunomodulating activity provokes morphologic alterations, which start to present characteristic structure of activated cells, as slack cytoplasm, with more numerous cellular projections, rich nucleus in euchromatin and a substantial increase of the cytoplasmic volume. Besides, there is a redistribution of some molecules as integrin α and ß1, actin filaments and receivers Fc. Physiologic alterations are detected in only 48 hours, where the macrophages show a reduced production of TNFα.

Characteristics of activated macrophages is detected by the activity of the enzyme NADH-oxidize. Qina produces a decrease in viral loads and maintains this response during its use. Studies have demonstrated that Qina can influence the decrease of the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α by the macrophages. It is known that this cytokine plays an important role in viral replication and that high levels of TNFa are associated with the progress of a disease.