What is an Electro-Medicine?

A basic explanation is that, every molecule on the planet is governed by an electrical component. Protons, neutrons electrons etc… To add to this every molecule also resonates at a specific frequency (molecular physics). The human body is also governed by electricity and it generates about 3 volts. Molecules do not just bump into each other in the blood stream but are attracted to each other via their respective polarities. It is then up to the receptors to ascertain if there is compatibility, all of which is governed by electrical impulses to and from the brain and between the cells. At the very core of human health is electricity, and when this is affected, all cellular activity not only starts to slow down but polarity reversal can occur. By providing specific resonance's and frequencies one can alter the performance factor at a cellular level thereby providing the electro environment required for enhanced biological interaction to occur.

According to the mandates of Science everything is frequency; and frequency is everything. The most common denominator of all structure, the atom, is energy; a form of frequency. Frequency is the basis of our universe. This thought gives credence to the idea that our bodies are frequency and energy. This collection of energy patterns, called Signatures, is a frequency representation of all that we are. If we were to learn the governing patterns of individual Signatures we would be able to interpret and have dominion over all aspects of our mechanical and emotional substance.

Each structure and process within the body has a distinctive combination of frequencies that must be present for the body to maintain integrity. The body is capable of being self diagnostic but not so capable of self generating the frequencies that are required for restoration. The idea of using frequency to facilitate change within the body is not a contemporary notion. Song and movement to create mood and provide physical dominion over the body was an intimate part of almost every culture on earth but those efforts were often surrounded with superstition and mysticism. It wasn't until recently that computerized technology and instrumentation was developed that allowed the advancement of procedures that could be used to allow the body to individually predict and prescribe for itself.

By identifying frequencies of specific organisms we are able to either neutralize or enhance their function. Ozone generators are useful in killing pathogens. The ozone produced in a gaseous form (O3) quickly breaks down into Oxygen (O2) and a highly reactive (O1) which will bind to oxidants or pathogens. This is a physical manifestation of the effects of ozone, however ozone also gives off a specific frequency in the ultra violet range of light which can induce the same result as the physical gaseous form.

Qina also utilizes a component of energy which is the pre-cursor to frequency which induces its powerful properties and classifies it as a true electro medicine.

Other forms of electro medical devices include, CAT scans, Rife resonators, Ultra Sound and SCENAR devices.