Qina brings new hope - and improves overall quality of life.


Pour a small amount (20-30ml) of water into a glass. Add 10 drops of Qina to the water and drink. Repeat 3 times daily.
For severe conditions take 5 drops, 6 times per day, for 14 days then revert to the standard dosage.
The amount of water is not crucial, usually a mouthful is sufficient.


Safe for use by pregnant or lactating mothers, children and babies.

Does Qina cause any adverse side effects to your health?

No, research has confirmed that Qina does not produce any morphological or genetic changes, is non-toxic to human cells and is completely harmless to your health even if administered in high doses.


Do not use a metal spoon or metal cup. Only a glass or plastic container.
Drops to be administered directly into water only.
Store below 25° C and out of direct sunlight.
Do not store in the fridge or near any electrical appliances including cell phones.
Contains alcohol. (The quantity is so negligent that it passes Halaal registration criteria.)

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