Is Qina an immune booster?
Qina is not an immune booster in the traditional sense. It is an immune modulator affecting an immediate and dramatic increase in the immunologic system. A far more complex and direct approach, that is unlike the mass marketed understanding of nutritional supplements that purport “immune boosting”.

What is meant by an immune booster?
This terminology is used by marketers to falsely promote the ability of "immune boosting" capabilities by nutritional and vitamin supplements. Supplements do not work on the immune system directly but rather in a supplemental role providing agents that the immune system can utilize in order to build itself up. This often necessitates high doses and long term use which often leads to liver and kidney damage. The collateral damage that occurs, unlike pharmaceutical drugs which are noticeable immediately, are very subtle and may take many years before symptoms present themselves as is with the link in calcium supplements and the calcification of bone joints, later in life.

Improved immune function is realized from these types of products due to nutritional deficiencies brought on by incorrect eating habits. Although there are initial benefits, these are short term and are unsustainable. Almost every supplement and multi vitamin has never had clinical evidence proving their immune related claim. Supplements can prevent or reverse disease in a properly diagnosed nutrient deficient individual and their anti-oxidant capabilities can reduce the burden from the immune system but they have no direct impact on an immune response.

Why have I not heard of this before?
After years of clinical testing and modifications in the manufacturing process, Qina was placed on the market in September 2006. Conventional medical practitioners in general will never acknowledge a natural medicine and hence will never prescribe or comment on them. They were never trained in this field and natural medicine goes against the entire framework that "crisis medicine" has been built on, however medical practitioners in non-allopathic fields are far more receptive many of whom acknowledge the benefits that Qina has shown.

Does Qina cause any adverse side effects to your health?
No, research has confirmed that the medicine did not produce any morphological or genetic changes, is non-toxic to human cells and is completely harmless to your health even if administered in high doses.

Can Qina be used in conjunction with ARV's or Chemotherapy
Yes. There are no contra indications with either of these two lines of therapy. In fact Qina promotes a lowering of the toxic side effects that can occur with ARV and chemotherapy treatments.

Will Qina interact with prescriptive drugs
No. Qina has no chemicals and therefore it cannot interact with any other pharmaceutical medication unless it is an immuno suppressant. There will still be no chemical interaction however there will be an antagonistic interaction. One of them will have to be stopped.

Do I need a script from my doctor.
No. Qina is an unscheduled, over-the-counter product and can be purchased without a script.

For how long should I stay on the treatment.
Refer to the individual conditions for more specific treatment options but in general for less serious ailments then 2-3 months should be sufficient. In acute cases then maintain treatment until all signs and symptoms have disappeared which should be confirmed with blood tests. In almost all cases, patients choose to remain on Qina indefinitely in order to maintain a strong immune system.

How long does a bottle last?
A 50ml bottle provides sufficient doses for one month

Is it safe for Mom's and Babies?
Yes it is safe for use by pregnant or lactating mothers, children and babies.

What are Qina's components?
Qina utilizes 4 extracts to derive the initial frequencies. The manuafcturing process goes through a series of high electical volatage discharges encassed in a pulsed magnetic field. Once the manufacturing process is completed the final solution is devoid of any of the original extract compounds. This specific manufacturing protocol is at the heart of Qina's' effectiveness and not the ingredients.

How quickly does it work?
Macrophage activation occurs within 24 hours, however the physical aspects of this differ between patients. For some there is a noticeable change within 2 days and for others it can be a few weeks. In general most patients notice a difference after 8-12 days. What is apparent is that the further a persons immune system is out of balance, the quicker the response.

What could I expect?
Energy levels are the first noticeable difference. Nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting are brought under control and then an increase in appetite. After a few weeks, cognitive functions are clearer and more apparent and then a general sense of well being returns.

Who Produces Qina?
Phend Pharmaceuticals and Research are the registered owners of Qina. Phend's primary role has been in the research and development of alternative medical approaches to treat serious disorders like Cervical Cancer, Human Pappiloma Virus, Eczema, Psoriasis, Chronic sinusitis and vaginal disorders. Through it's sister company which specializes in distribution into the medical establishment for the past 19 years. References can be verified via UPD, KEMCO, Alpha Pharm, APWC and ECP all major pharmaceutical distributors who over the years has built a respected name.

Qina is manufactured in a facility that has been licensed by the Department of Health, the (MCC) Medicines Control Council, the TGA in Australia and the (MHRA) British department of Health, providing cGMP practices and extremely high levels of quality. Qina has been presented to the Medicines control Council in accordance to the complementary call up as well as the WHO CPP accreditation.